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    Module Management

    When users access a module, they are able to view all the orders which are in progress and a brief summary of each order in an organized table format. Once users click on an order, they will view the full specifications, details and related information of the order. In addition, there are a number of advanced functions to facilitate the management of each order conducted in the company accurately, such as status alerting, searching, order tracking and statistical analysis, etc.


    There are various types of powerful and automatic user alert functions which will help, users to manage the workflow process and to reduce human error in the aspects of, changes in material/order status, delay in ship date, completion date, and more.


    Our advanced report generating function, which is included with a structured search engine helps to retrieve the results need for reports, which provides easy and efficient support for the decision makers to fully grasp the whole picture of the business standing. From the stages of sample development, ordering, production, shipment to materials planning and requisition preparation, the report generator handles various kinds of garment documents, such as sample status report, sales details analysis, production report, shipment details report, materials consumption report, materials purchase report and cost analysis report, etc. Additionally, the reports can be generated in different kinds of data format, for example: XML, HTML, PDF or EXCEL, etc.