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    User Friendly

    MatchGarment is designed with an easy to use interface, where almost no training is needed for the user to fully grasp the system's operations. Furthermore, the system clearly lays out each workflow, presenting in the garment operation process where the user can easily follow through and work with the system to complete their tasks. In addition, the user could just normally input their order form and in the process, that particular data is then, recorded into the database simultaneously, resulting in reduction of preliminary data input effort.

    100% Web-Based

    MatchGarment runs on web technology which provides an efficient way for companies to run the system and can be used anywhere regardless, even if users are out on a business trip, or different locations, can simultaneously work altogether and use the system immediately to retrieve the required information from the company (Internet Connection required). The system also helps your company to prevent bottle-necks, as well as speed up a task's completion time, deliver quick response and allocate resources in the most cost effective manner, and also monitor your business as a whole anywhere with a iPad, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop.

    Efficiency & Accuracy

    MatchGarment is integrated with a powerful searching and copying function to greatly reduce redundant data to be entered. In addition, the order information can be shared among all the related modules, which helps facilitate the management of each order conducted in the company efficiently and accurately. Moreover, the system has built-in strong calculation functions and automatic documents/reports generator enables users to create various kinds of documents for customers, factories and suppliers, etc. Additionally, there are a number of advanced user alert functions to remind or warn the user, thereby to improve the business process efficiency and accuracy.


    With the system's well-built features such as information sharing, status tracking and user alert functions, provides a strong communication for each staff member in the company, where they can find out each other's status and clearly identify each other's work progress, resulting in strengthening the company's operation flow, and most importantly to increase the competitiveness of your company.


    For an ERP system, the security aspects are just as important as the system's task performance. MatchGarment System uses a firewall to prevent intruders to illegally log into the system, and using SSL 128 Bits encryption for each data transfer performed by the user and the system. Moreover, a user logs file is used to record the login history.