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    Director's Comments:

    We have used four garment ERP systems and MatchGarment is the most successful one. In our transfer to the MatchGarment system, even without an official training, our staffs all could easily pickup and work through the system, where we find this really astonishing. Furthermore, the system provides many helpful functions, for example: Our customer makes a design collection of clothes using the same type of main material, the system allows our staffs to calculate materials consumption within one interface, where they can calculate the total consumption and complete the purchase order, simply within one to two hours. In addition, the system provides an inventory management, which shows our staffs the current status and quantity of each material which is currently available in the warehouse, also the system includes an alert function that helps to remind our staffs to reduce the quantity of materials purchased. This provided us a very big help for cost control management of materials. We further on like to address, that Match Solution is a responsible and professional company.

    Merchandiser's Comments:

    The MatchGarment system is very simple to use, where 20 colleagues, only needed two days of training to completely adapt and use the software. Our colleague's where able to complete an order transaction really quick. For example: To create a sample order, a sales confirmation and a purchase contract all together, only needed ten to fifteen minutes. The advanced managerial function also helps in a very big way. We could easily grasp the entire order status and progress. Furthermore, the services provided by Match Solution, are helpful and they are always responsible.

    Shipment Colleague's Comments:

    After using MatchGarment system, my work flow has become very easy and more organized. Before, I had to spend a lot of time to complete my packing list, invoice and shipment advice documents, but now I can just use this system to complete all my three tasks in one workflow order, in only ten minutes. Moreover, Match Solution also has well knowledge of the garment operation flow, and often when I ask them a question about my task, they truly understood my question and have solved my problem immediately!