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    Information technology plays an important role in today's developing economy. Corporate decision makers in the company can utilize this tool as a means to enhance the business operations, cost control, as well to increase the competitiveness of the company, and most significantly to expand your international business with the latest-advanced information technology in the Intranet and Internet environment.

    Match Solution Technology Ltd have devoted themselves to specialize in the development of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system concentrating in the garment and textiles industry. Using the years of experience in system implementation and continuous learning with the new upcoming technologies, we have constantly provided professional services and responsibilities to our customers, resulting in our customers' consistent satisfaction with our services and products!

    We deeply believe a successful garment application system, is not only to strive for perfection but to also increase the development of the technology, to constantly bring better improvements in the future for the system. Furthermore we believe that our great understanding of the garment industry, offers us a key aspect in the development of the system.

    For many years we have worked together with our customers providing each other feedback to help each other to grow and accumulate a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. We hope that our system provides all the management needs and most importantly to provide the system for the staff that makes them enjoy to use the system and to carry their routine tasks effectively.